South Florida Health Insurance Litigation Law Firm

Life, Health & Disability InsuranceDisputes between consumers and their health insurance companies are becoming more and more common. Disputes can arise over things like denial of coverage for medical services already received; denial of coverage based on preexisting conditions; a refusal to authorize a procedure or visit to a specialist; or an improper voiding of the policy based on inaccurate information on the insurance application. A health insurance claim denial can threaten your financial security and ability to access medical care. Claims for other types of insurance, such as Life and Disability, are not much easier to navigate. A disability insurance dispute, such as disagreements over the nature and severity of the disability, can lead to a delay or even denial of payment.

A life insurance policy is purchased in order to protect families from financial hardship, ensure dependents do not suffer because of an untimely death or make it possible for co-owners of a business to continue operations after the loss of a partner. And finding out that a life insurance policy has been unfairly denied can make a difficult situation even harder on your family. 

If your claim for health insurance benefits, disability insurance benefits, or life insurance benefits is denied, we at Benrubi Law will examine your policy and explore options for securing payment for benefits. We are dedicated to protecting policyholders and our health insurance litigation lawyers will negotiate on your behalf and litigate your claim so that you receive all the financial benefits you deserve.

If you have a health, life or disability insurance claim that has been denied or undervalued, legal recourse may be available.