South Florida Hurricane Insurance Litigation Law Firm

Hurricane/Windstorm ClaimsHurricanes are one of nature’s most destructive forces and can destroy a home, business or an entire community in as little as a few hours. Wind and water damage are two of the primary causes of damage and lead to thousands of claims each year. Wind is typically a peril listed in a standard homeowners policy however, some policies partially or completely exclude wind-related or flood-related damage. Homeowners along the coast and other areas susceptible to hurricanes must make sure they know what their policy covers so they can begin rebuilding in the event of a loss or claim. Maintaining a full and complete insurance policy is meant to provide a sense of security for homeowners in the event of a devastating tragedy. 

Like homeowners, business owners are under a lot of pressure after a storm or other natural disaster to resume business operations as soon as possible. And like homeowners, business owners have a right to restore their commercial property and business to the condition it was before the hurricane or disaster.

At Benrubi Law, we are experts in determining the amount of the loss caused by the hurricane and can help explain your options for repair and replacement of damaged property. We are dedicated to protecting policyholders and our hurricane insurance litigation lawyers will negotiate on your behalf and litigate your claim so that you receive all the financial benefits you deserve.

Attention home and business owners: have you suffered property damage after the last hurricane? Has your insurance company denied your claim? We may be able to help.