South Florida Coverage Disputes Litigation Law Firm

Whether it’s property insurance or auto insurance, having a claim denied can be a frustrating, inconvenient, and even expensive experience. In some cases, establishing coverage is only the first step, and the insurance company may still dispute liability or damages issues. When an insurance company wrongfully denies payment of a valid claim, unreasonably delays payment of a claim or fails to pay the full amount owed, the company may be found guilty of acting in bad faith. If the insurance company breaks this law by acting in bad faith, the policyholder may be entitled to more financial compensation than what is owed under the policy. 

Whenever an insurance company improperly delays, denies or ignores a valid insurance claim, that company may be sued for acting in bad faith. A professional legal firm can help you receive compensation regarding your insurance claim and protect you against any legal steps that your insurer may take against you. When insurance companies act in bad faith attorneys can help.

At Benrubi Law, we have extensive experience working with clients who were denied payment, or offered a settlement that is unreasonably low, and have succeeded in recovering the compensation to which our clients were entitled. We are dedicated to protecting policyholders and our declaratory action litigation lawyers will negotiate on your behalf and litigate your claim so that you receive all the financial benefits you deserve.

If you believe that you’ve been mistreated by your insurance company, legal recourse may be available.